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Subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein, you may request the return of
products purchased on our website and request the return and/or replacement subject to
validation and approval by us. We manage product returns on a case-by-case basis with the
ultimate goal of maximizing customer satisfaction. Our return and replacement policy includes
a new replacement unit for all purchases made on our website.

1. Definitions
References to “you”, “customer” or “customers” in this Return and Replacement Policy
are references to the purchaser who has purchased our product from our website.
1.2 References to “we” or “us” in this Returns and Exchanges Policy refer to PRIFE INTERNATIONAL SDN BHD, a
company duly incorporated in Malaysia.
1.3 “Website” means our e-commerce platform at
1.4 The reference to “Products” refers to the products you have purchased from our website.

2. Requirements for return and replacement.
The customer may request us to return the Products in the following circumstances:
(a) The Products were defective and/or faulty (i.e. malfunctioning) when received
by the customer;
(b) The Products delivered to the customer are materially different or do not match the specifications indicated on our website;
(c) On a case-by-case basis, subject to our approval.
(d) In the event that a product return is required for reasons such as non-receipt of the product, discrepancies with respect to the displayed image of the product, receipt of a damaged product or a simple decision not to want the product, the customer must contact PRIFE INTERNATIONAL SDN BHD to initiate the return process. It is important to note that has no influence on the authorization or denial of product returns, as this responsibility lies directly with PRIFE INTERNATIONAL SDN BHD. Consequently, any management related to returns must be dealt exclusively with that entity.
(f) Once manages the purchase of the product at PRIFE INTERNATIONAL SDN BHD, from this moment they are the ones who are responsible for the shipment of the products, all types of returns and replacements, as well as the management of the warranty. Being released from any kind of responsibility.

2.2 Without prejudice to the provisions of paragraph 2.1, the return of the Products shall:
(a) sent to the place designated by us;
(b) be made within 21 days from the date of purchase on the website. We reserve the
We reserve the right to refuse the Products if the return is made after such 21-day period.
(c) in its original, unused condition and with its original packaging, unless the Products are defective or damaged at the
time of receipt by the customer;
(d) attaching the proof of purchase (Delivery Order); and

3. Procedures
The procedure for the return of Products and their replacement is as follows:
(a) firstly, contact the Head Office, Branch or Warehouseman via the Courier App or
Email to request the return and replacement of the Goods
(b) in your message or e-mail, please indicate the following:
(i) the reason for the return of the Products;
(ii) proof of purchase of the Products (Delivery Order);
(ii) photo or video of the Products showing the damage or defect (if any); (iii) photo or video of the Products showing the damage or defect (if any).
Products are defective or damaged); and
(iii) any other supporting documents proving your claim.

(c) we will then contact you within 7 working days from the date of your message or email and inform you of our findings.
message or e-mail and we will inform you of our results. Please note that
(d) finally, we will review your request to return the Products and replace on
a case-by-case basis and inform you by message or email if your request to
return and replace has been accepted.

4. Shipping costs
4.1 In the event of an unforeseen error on our part or in the circumstances
mentioned in paragraph 2.1, we shall bear the cost of shipping the Products back to the customer.
the return of the Products.
4.2 In the event of no fault on our part, the customer shall bear all costs associated
with the rejection and return of the Products.
4.3 We will not be responsible for goods damaged or lost during shipment and the customer is advised to use transportation insurance.
customer must use an insured postal service and obtain proof of shipment.

5. Reimbursement
I have been informed of the refund/cancellation policy; that there are no refunds, that all sales are
final, I have read the above disclaimer and wish to proceed with my order by authorizing payment processing
of my order by

6. Restrictions
No changes, cancellations or modifications will be applied from the day after the
payment is processed and completed online if there is no fault on our part.
We reserve the right to refuse any cancellation or refund request in case of
suspected manipulation of the compensation plan payment.

7. Return fraud
We will inform the competent authority if customers are caught making return
frauds such as theft or robbery charges. A common type of return fraud is renting products and
returning them after a period of time and the return of stolen or counterfeit products (purchased
from an unauthorized seller).

8. Do you need help?
If you have any problem related to the return or replacement of Products, you can
contact our customer service through our e-mail address

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