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plan de marketing ITERACARE

iTeraCare Marketing Plan

Prife International's marketing plan has 6 different compensation bonuses that are shown below.

We present PRIFE International's Business Plan:

An exciting opportunity for Independent Distributors to achieve financial success and reap the benefits of their hard work. Our business plan offers six incredible bonus options that will increase your earning potential and provide you with an attractive compensation structure.

1. Direct Referral Bonus: Receive a 10% bonus based on the point value of your referrals. For example, for Silver 200PV, you earn $20.00, for Gold 600PV, you earn $60.00, and for Diamond 2000PV, you earn an impressive $200.00.

2. Product Bonus Points: Redeem your bonus points to receive our exceptional products. As a Silver Distributor, you can enjoy a 35% discount, valued at $70.00. Gold Distributors receive a 40% discount, valued at $240.00, and Diamond Distributors receive an incredible 50% discount, valued at $1000.00.

3. Level match bonus: Earn 40% on every level match, from Silver to Diamond. For example, a 200PV Silver to Silver match pays you $80.00, while a 600PV Gold to Gold match rewards you with $240.00. The 2000PV Diamond to Diamond match offers a staggering $800.00 payout.

5. Matching Bonus: Earn 10% on all your first direct referrals of your Matching Bonus daily. As Silver, receive an additional 5% of your first direct referrals up to the 4th Level. As Gold, enjoy this bonus up to the 5th Level, and as Diamond, up to the 6th Level.

4. Group Matching Bonus: From the 4th level onwards, enjoy a daily income for left and right team matching. Silver distributors receive 8% with a maximum daily income of $300, Gold distributors receive 10% with a maximum daily income of $900 and Diamond distributors receive 12% with an incredible maximum daily income of $3,720.

6. Unilevel Bonus: Qualify for the Unilevel Bonus by maintaining a monthly maintenance equivalent to 21PV or $30. Achieving this qualification allows you to receive 3% of the total PV generated by your 4 generations of directly referred groups. The more qualified direct personal sponsorship groups (DPSGs) you have, the more generations you can exceed, giving you the potential for up to 20 generations of additional revenue. These accumulated product points can be redeemed through our Bonus Redemption Portfolio, offering you a wide range of exciting options.

Income distribution:

  1. Unilevel Income: 100% cash.
  2. Sponsorship income, level match, match bonus and match bonus are subject to 80% cash payout and 20% product points.

PRIFE’s International Business Plan is designed to reward your hard work and dedication. Take advantage of this lucrative opportunity to increase your income and enjoy the benefits of being an Independent Distributor. Join us today and make your dreams come true!

Direct Bonus

bono directo plan de marketing iteracare

The first source of income is the 10% direct bonus

You earn 10% of the point value of a package,
when a person to whom you refer, acquires
any of the devices. You will get profits between $20.00 to $200.00
(Which is 10% of the commissionable value of our 3 starter packages).

Let’s take a look at each of these bonuses.
As in any business, revenue is generated from the sale of devices.
We have three packages available:
Silver, Gold and Diamond.
Silver Package refers to the purchase of a device called itera classic and has a value of 200 points.

Gold Package refers to the purchase of a device called Itera Premium and is worth 600 points.

Diamond Package, which comes with a device called Itera Pro and is worth 2,000 points.

Please note that prices in dollars may vary according to the country of sale, the difference in prices is due to logistics, customs duties and other taxes derived from each country.

FREE Device Redemption

bono REDENCIAON plan de marketing iteracare

It works as follows:

Each time you recommend and sell a Silver package the company deposits $70.00 dollars for you to redeem for free products.

Each time you recommend and sell a Gold package the company deposits $240.00 dollars for you to redeem for free products.

Every time you recommend and sell a Diamond package the
company deposits $1,000 for you to redeem for free products.

To each of these amounts is added 20% of the commissions earned in 5 of the 6 ways to earn money, in the Prife International Compensation Plan.

Matching Bonus

bono de emparejamiento plan de marketing iteracare

We work in a system of two teams.

This means that your organization will be built on two sides, one on the left, one on the right. Your first partner will automatically be placed on your left leg, the second on your right and so on. In this program you work on the left of your two teams.

Naturally, customers referred to the Prife Intl.
by their line of sponsorship above their position may also be placed in your organization.

We call this spillover, which is wonderful because it helps your teams grow deeper and faster, many levels below your own position.

Now, each time your organization grows level by level down, the first sale on the left side, with the first sale on the right side of the same package, the company gives you a bonus of 40% of the point value of that package.
We are talking about earnings from $80.00 to $800.00 and it is an unlimited bonus.
The good news is that there is no limit to how deep this can go.
The matching bonus is a wonderful source of massive custom recurring revenue.
growing your business.

Group Bonus

bono de equipo plan de marketing iteracare

The important thing to remember here is that it begins to
earn group bonuses from the fourth level to infinity.
Please note that simply placing your first two
direct to the structure of your business.
The payment limit for the group voucher is $300 per day, for
those who buy the Silver package. And $900.00 per day for
who bought the Gold package, and for those who bought the
Diamond package, we are talking about $3,570 per day.

Matching Bonus

bono de igualacion plan de marketing iteracare

This is a percentage you receive of what people in your family tree earn from group bonuses.

For example, if your direct earns $100 in group bonuses, you receive 10% which is $10.00 AND the next 6 levels down earn you 5% bonuses.
Example: Someone between your level 2 to 6 earned $100 on their
group bonus, that’s about $5.00
Imagine earning $100 – $300 – $500 a day or more with this bonus alone.
The point is that the more your organization’s members gain from group bonuses, the better.
will go to you.

Residual Bond

bono de residual plan de marketing iteracare

A good source of recurring and regular income.
Each registered member who wishes to earn the 6 types of bonuses and wants to receive a free device, must pay $30.00 per month.
This maintenance fee is like a product.
This is great. You can sell, lease or simply advance devices to your new partners with the bonus you receive from the company.

These $30 payments are also commissionable.
The company pays this bonus in 100% cash in the bonus portfolio.
Those who join with the Silver package can earn up to $1,000 per month from this bonus.
Those who join with the Gold package can earn up to $7,000 per month from this bonus.
Those who join with the Diamond package can earn up to six figures per month from this bonus.
I hope I have succeeded in explaining the main points of the Prife Intl. compensation.
It’s amazing what you can achieve.
It rewards very well, right from the start.
Make a decision and join this wonderful business and change your life.
your life by helping others to improve their health and lifestyle.
Make a good decision and see you at the top.

hazte distribuidor de iteracare

Become an Official Distributor

With the purchase of your device you can become an official distributor of the devices in your country.

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