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Diferencia entre Classic Premium Itera Pro 2024

Difference between devices: Classic Premium Itera Pro

The constant search for a healthy and balanced life has led mankind to explore various modalities and technologies that can contribute to physical and mental well-being. In a world where illness, stress and external influences affect our health, it is essential to take a proactive and responsible approach to our own well-being. Traditional methods are no longer sufficient; it is time to open our eyes to new possibilities.

In this context, Terahertz frequency technology emerges as a real breakthrough in the field of health and wellness. This revolutionary technology is set to change the way we deal with our physical and mental health challenges. With three market-leading devices, iTera Classic, iTera Premium and iTera Pro, the Terahertz frequency revolution is here to provide effective, state-of-the-art solutions.

iTeraCare devices have gained a prominent place in the wellness industry, driven by Terahertz magnetic wave technology, Quantum Technology and Optical Light Quartz Technology. These devices are more than just gadgets; they represent a revolution in the way we approach our health. Thousands of testimonials and satisfied customers in more than 75 countries have endorsed their effectiveness and have consolidated their position as the number one quantum technology in their category.

The 4th generation iTeraCare Classic 2.0 model offers an affordable and accessible solution for those seeking to effectively balance their health. With three distinct configurations, this device has the power to revitalize and repair cells, improve microcirculation, regulate glands and promote the body’s self-healing. Although it may require a little more time for treatments, its positive impact on health is undeniable.

On the other hand, the iTeraCare Premium, the 5th generation model, offers an even more advanced experience. With greater strength and durability, this device is tailored to the needs of those seeking a more professional approach to wellness. Its three settings, including higher heat settings than the Classic model, make it a powerful tool for improving circulation, relieving pain and promoting recovery.

Finally, the iTeraCare Pro, the 3rd generation model, stands out as a robust and versatile option for more continuous use. With 1200 watts of power, it is designed for clinical settings or large families. Its four configurations allow for greater treatment flexibility, resulting in faster and more efficient results.

Together, these devices share the same Terahertz technology, but each is tailored to different health needs and approaches. From the home user to the healthcare professional, iTeraCare devices offer a simple and effective way to address a wide range of healthcare challenges. Their positive impact is evident in improving circulation, relieving pain, promoting the body’s self-healing and cellular revitalization.

In a world where health is an undisputed priority, iTeraCare devices represent a step forward in the search for effective and affordable solutions. TeraHertz technology has arrived to transform the way we take care of ourselves, freeing us from discomfort, pain and stress. No matter what your approach to wellness, iTeraCare is ready to surprise you and accompany you on your journey to a healthier and more balanced life. The future of medicine is now, and it’s in your hands with iTeraCare. Don’t wait any longer, the time to break free from limitations and embrace optimal health is now.

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Itera ClassicItera PremiumItera ProFeatures
Heat LevelsHigh, Medium, LowHigh, Medium, LowHigh, Medium, Low
Speed Levels3 (High, Medium, Low)2 (High, Low)2 (High, Low)
Control ButtonsPower and Speed AdjustmentPower and Speed AdjustmentPower and Speed Adjustment
Digital screenNoNoNo
SecurityOverheat protectionOverheat protectionOverheat protection
Safe UseVarious ages and abilitiesVarious ages and abilitiesVarious ages and abilities
DesignCompact and ergonomicElegant and ModernOptimized for indoors
Depth of penetration18 cm22 cm26 cm
Warranty1 year from date of purchase1 year from date of purchase1 year from date of purchase
ComplianceComplies with safety standardsComplies with safety standardsComplies with safety standards
Recommended UsePersonal / FamilyPersonal / FamilyProfessional / Large Families
Environmental Use10 years environmental use10 years environmental use10 years environmental use
Outside UseNot recommended for outdoor useNot recommended for outdoor useNot recommended for outdoor use
Continuous Use40 minutes1 hour2 hours
Size348 mm278 mm353 mm
Button 1Medium Speed – High HeatHigh Speed – High HeatHigh Speed
Button 2Low Speed – Low HeatLow Speed – High HeatLow speed
Button 3High Speed – Low HeatOFFOFF
Button 4OFFOFF
Fan SwitchLow speed
> Fan SwitchHigh speed
Power SwitchOFF
> Power SwitchLow Heat
> Power SwitchHigh Heat
Light IndicatorLight Indicator
Air entranceAir entrance
Heat / Cool functionsLow HeatHigh HeatLow Heat/Cold
> Heat FunctionsHigh HeatHigh Heat/Cold
Warranty1 year1 year1 year
Use of Protection10 years10 years10 years

Difference between devices: Classic Premium Itera Pro

Diferencia entre Classic Premium Itera Pro 2024

The Itera Classic, Itera Premium and Itera Pro devices are popular choices in the hot air dryer market, each with unique features to suit various user needs and preferences.

These devices offer efficient and safe solutions for drying and styling hair, but have significant variations in terms of power, functionality and special features. Below, we explore in detail the differences between these devices, from their technical specifications to their capabilities and design.

Itera Classic: The Classic in Power and Versatility

The Itera Classic device stands out for its focus on power and versatility. With a power of 600W-800W, this device offers three levels of heat and speed to suit different hair types and styles. Its compact and ergonomic design makes it convenient to handle and store, making it a popular choice for home use. A key feature of the Itera Classic is its overheating protection function, which ensures safe and reliable use. In addition, this device offers safe continuous use for up to 30 minutes, making it an ideal choice for shorter styling sessions.

Itera Premium: Elegance and Efficiency in a Single Device

The Itera Premium is distinguished by its elegant design and focus on efficiency. With a power of 600W-650W, this device offers two levels of heat and speed, allowing precise control over hair styling. Its compact 278 mm size makes it ideal for travel and indoor use. Like its counterparts, the Itera Premium also includes overheating protection to ensure safe use. Its safety continuous use feature of up to 1 hour makes it an excellent choice for longer styling sessions. The combination of elegance and efficiency makes the Itera Premium an attractive option for those seeking professional results in a compact device.

Itera Pro: Power and Durability for Demanding Users*

The Itera Pro is the ideal device for users looking for power and durability in one package. With a power of 1200W-1500W, this device is able to offer exceptional performance in terms of speed and heat. Its optimized indoor design makes it suitable for home use. Like its predecessors, the Itera Pro features overheating protection to ensure user safety. However, what really sets the Itera Pro apart is its safe continuous use capability of up to 2 hours.

This feature makes it the perfect choice for those who want longer, more elaborate hairstyles.

Conclusions: The Choice According to your Needs

In summary, the devices Itera Classic, Itera Premium e Itera Pro offer a range of options to meet the diverse needs of users.

The Itera Classic provides power and versatility with its three levels of heat and speed, ideal for fast, everyday use. The Itera Premium combines elegance and efficiency with two levels of heat and speed, making it an excellent choice for those looking for professional results in a compact design. The Itera Pro stands out for its power and durability, perfect for longer and more elaborate styling sessions.

iTeraCare Classic 2

Classic 2.2

Device for domestic use.



Device for Therapeutic Use

iTeraCare Wand iTeraPro


Device for professional use.

In conclusion, the Itera Classic, Itera Premium and Itera Pro devices represent a diverse and versatile range of hair drying and styling solutions that share a common advanced technology. While all of these devices incorporate safety and efficiency features, the differentiated approach of each makes them suitable for different types of users and needs.

All three devices offer power and overheating protection, ensuring safe and reliable use. However, the Itera Premium and Itera Pro stand out for their ability to be used safely for longer periods of time. This feature makes them ideal options for those looking to style their hair professionally or for longer sessions.

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