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Las 7 Funciones Transformadoras de iTeraCare

The 7 iTeraCare Features

The iTeraCare is much more than a device. It represents a cutting edge in wellness technology, offering a set of revolutionary features that can transform your health and vitality. These 7 key features make the iTeraCare a powerful tool in your quest for optimal wellness.

Identificación del dolor con iteracare

(1) Identification:

The iTeraCare is able to identify obstructions, inflammation and tumors in our body. How does it do it? Through the sensation of pain, burning and tingling in the problem areas. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, pain is a sign of blockage. The Terahertz frequency penetrates deep into our body, reaching the bone marrow, and can identify areas of blockage through pain.

Eliminación de Células Enfermas

(2) Elimination of diseased cells:

The iTeraCare not only identifies, but also eliminates diseased cells. With continued use, you will notice that the tumors will gradually shrink and the pain will disappear. The vibration of the Terahertz wave is identical to that of our normal cells. Abnormal or mutated cells absorb much of this energy and are eliminated. Drinking warm water before using the iTeraCare may help in this process.

Activación de Células Inertes

(3) Activation of Inert Cells:

Using iTeraCare will make you feel more comfortable and energetic. Normal cells absorb the Terahertz energy and moderately increase their temperature, which activates the inert cells. Following the advice of the ancient father of medicine, Hippocrates, who claimed that by warming the bones, all diseases can be treated.

Reparación de Células Dañadas

(4) Repair of Damaged Cells:

iTeraCare has a repairing effect on damaged cells. Its daily use on various parts of the body enhances cell regeneration. The Terahertz frequency is in resonance with normal cells, enhancing cellular self-repair.

Limpieza del Sistema Linfático

(5) Cleansing of the Lymphatic System:

Using iTeraCare on lymphatic areas helps to remove impurities from the blood and body, improving blood circulation, dissolving clots and softening blood vessels. The Terahertz wave dilates blood vessels, reducing resistance and viscosity of blood flow, preventing diseases.

activación de Meridianos

(6) Meridian Activation:

The iTeraCare stimulates acupuncture points, improving Qi flow, increasing blood circulation and accelerating metabolism. The Terahertz frequency resonates with our normal cells, cleansing the meridians and strengthening the body.

Our bodies function like mechanical clocks, each organ and meridian has a period of about two hours when qi (energy) is at its maximum level.

Living a life in harmony with the biological clock improves health. Practices such as walking or receiving massages also contribute to this goal. We will explain each schedule with each organ of the body.

We can define the time zones and also relate them to the animals that represent them, according to the cosmovision of Traditional Chinese Medicine:

1h to 3h : Liver (Ox time).

3h to 5h: Lung (Tiger time).

5h to 7h: Large Intestine (Rabbit time).

7h to 9h: Stomach (time of the Dragon).

9h to 11h: Spleen-Pancreas (Snake time).

11h to 13h: Heart (time of the Horse).

13h to 15h: Small Intestine (time of the Ram).

15h to 17h: Bladder (Monkey time). 17h to 19h: Kidney (Rooster time).

19h to 21h: Master Heart (Dog time).

21h to 23h: Triple reheater (Boar time).

23h to 1h: Gallbladder (time of the Rat).

The human body is able to detoxify, nourish and repair its organs, balancing also the emotions; for this it is necessary to know and respect the specific schedules of each organ.

Eliminación de la Humedad Corporal

(7) Elimination of Body Moisture:

The use of iTeraCare removes unnecessary moisture from the body, restoring the acid-alkaline balance. Normal cells slightly absorb Terahertz energy, raising the temperature and removing unhealthy moisture.

The iTeraCare is a true breakthrough in wellness technology, offering a holistic approach to improving health and vitality. With its ability to identify, eliminate, activate, repair and cleanse, it is an essential tool in your quest for optimal wellness.

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