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Prife Wellness Gallery Worldwide

Prife Gallery
Global Wellness

IteraCare’s Prife Galleries are therapy centers with terahertz devices, established in cities with the aim of providing therapy to people while raising awareness of the technology that is changing the world of disease.


Bringing health and Beauty to every corner of the world, making wellness accessible and empowering people to live their best lives. Establish 50,000 Prife Wellness Galleries worldwide by 2028.


Empowering global well-being and abundance.
They will provide accessible spaces for people to discover and embrace holistic wellness, improving the quality of their lives.

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Health and Empowerment

PWG is dedicated to promoting optimal health and empowering people to take control of their wellness through exclusive Prife Wellness products and a comprehensive network marketing platform.

Global impact

PWG aims to make a global impact by establishing 50,000 Prife Wellness Galleries around the world, providing people with access to innovative wellness solutions and opportunities for personal growth.

Integrity and Excellence

PWG maintains the highest standards of integrity, transparency and ethical behavior. The company strives for excellence in all aspects, including product quality, customer service and business practices.

prife gallery

Galería Prife


  1. Any member of Prife International may apply.
  2. It requires a cooperative team with a minimum of three individuals who have established trust.
  3. Individuals with a positive learning attitude and a willingness to work hard.

4. Deposit of USD 15,000 (subject to country)

  • Receive $30,000 Stock value based on retail price without PIN.
  • Stock products can be customized in a package with a total value of USD 20,000.
  • Subsidy up to USD 220.
  • 3 units of roll-up banners.
  • 1 piece of Sales Kit.

5. The Prife Wellness Gallery must operate in a showcase.

    • The company will only ship products to Prife Wellness Gallery when the point of sale is properly installed and furnished.
Galería Prife

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