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Registro iTeraCare

iTeraCare Registration

Please note that in order to register with iTeraCare, it is necessary to complete the form and purchase a device.

The purchase process consists of 2 steps to complete your order and registration.

*You must complete both steps

Price list by continent.

The difference in prices per continent is due to the different handling fees, customs taxes and logistics costs of each country.
ATTENTION: For quantities of any product that are more than 1 enter the corresponding amount. For example, if I want 3 units, I will multiply the price by 3 and that quantity will be the one I will enter in step 2. 

Step 1.
Purchase Data

In the following form enter the shipping address where you want to receive the device.

Step 2.
Make payment

Complete the payment of your purchase



ATTENTION!!! Do not forget to put in the payment “In Remark” the user name you put in the first step.

The payment is made by PayPal payment system or by credit card, if you do not have a PayPal account you can make the payment by credit card in the same place, please refer to the video tutorial.

Press the button to make the payment

iTeraCare Registration

Purchase request successfully received
Make the PAYMENT to complete your order.

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