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EMF Shield - Your Electromagnetic Protection Shield

The EMF Shield is a breakthrough in biofield resonance technology, designed to counteract non-ionizing EMF radiation and harmonize your body.

EMF Shielding – Your Electromagnetic Shielding Shield

Protect yourself from the harmful effects of EMF radiation, especially with the advent of 5G!

daño por el movil proteccion
protección radiaccion del movil


Prolonged use of cell phones may be associated with various health effects due to exposure to the non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation they emit.

  • Sleep disturbances.
  • Increased anxiety and stress.
  • Memory loss.
  • Interference with concentration.
  • Radiation and brain health.

Sleep disturbances:

Exposure to radiation from mobile devices before bedtime may affect sleep quality, which, in turn, could influence cognitive function and memory.

Increased anxiety and stress:

Excessive cell phone use can contribute to stress and anxiety, which may affect concentration and, consequently, memory.

Interference with concentration

Constant notifications and excessive phone use can decrease the ability to concentrate, which in turn can affect information retention.

Radiation and brain health:

Although the relationship between cell phone radiation and brain health is still under debate, some studies have explored the possibility that chronic radiation exposure may affect brain function. However, the results are mixed and inconclusive.

EMF SHIELD ITERACARE proteccion para el movil

EMF shield

Key Benefits: EMF radiation compensation, body harmonization, 5G EMF radiation protection.

  • Compensation of non-lonizing EMF radiation.
  • Phantom phone vibration compensation.
  • Harmonizing the body.
  • Improve body circulation

The Science Behind EMF Shield


The EMF Shield uses biofield resonance technology to effectively counter non-ionizing EMF radiation.

Balance your electromagnetic field and protect your well-being.

Key Features: EMF radiation compensation, body harmonization, 5G design.

Instructions for use of the EMF Shield:

  1. Attach an EMF shield to any EMF emitting device. For best results, attach a shield to the back of each cell phone or cell phone case.
  2. The EMF Shield is designed to remain effective for one year, provided it remains intact.
  3. Replace it after the shield shows signs of deterioration.
SHIELD EMF ITERACARE proteccion para el movil 1

The EMF shield is designed to help the body compensate for the negative effects of EMF exposure from non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation.

Where to Use the EMF Shield?

Versatile Use for Your Modern Lifestyle

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smart tv

Smart TV

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Start with the facts – WHO Statistics 2021:

Air pollution claims the lives of 7 million people a year.

A staggering 99% of the world’s population breathes air that exceeds WHO pollution guidelines.


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