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7 Chakra Therapy with iTeraCare

chakras iteracare

To have a better and unforgettable experience use this special 7 chakra music from 396 Hz to 963 HZ.

Watch 7 Chakra Therapy video with iTeraCare

Please note that this video is only illustrative to show what iTeraCare Chakra Therapy would be like, the times in this video were cut to make the explanation shorter. If you are going to do the therapy follow the music, it will indicate the times and chakra changes. MUSIC

trtamiento de chakras con iteracare

Step 1: Activation of the Water Vessels.

a. Turn on your iTeraCare device and set it to the desired power setting.

b. Hold your iTeraCare device in your dominant hand and with gentle, circular motions, run it over both glasses of water for one minute.

This will charge the water with the frequency of TeraHertz.

trtamiento de chakras con iteracare musica

Step 2: Personal Preparation

a. Sit comfortably with your back straight.

b. Close your eyes and take some deep breaths to relax.

c. Focus on your intention to cleanse and activate your chakras.

los 7 chakras iteracare

Step 3: Cleansing and Activation of the Chakras

a. Start from the root chakra (located at the base of the spine) and gently direct the iTeraCare wand to the chakra area.

b. Make clockwise circular motions with iTeraCare around each chakra for about 2-3 minutes. Imagine the energy flowing into that chakra as you do so.

c. Continue ascending through each chakra, following the order: sacral chakra, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown.

d. Concentrate on each chakra individually, feeling any sensations or emotions that arise. This helps to release energetic blockages.

e. Upon reaching the crown chakra, hold the iTeraCare wand above your head for one minute, feeling a connection to the universal energy.

Chakra Music

Press play to listen to the music

You will hear the appropriate music for each chakra the same music will indicate the next corresponding chakra, the approximate duration 3 min in the video you will see the change of chakra will start the 7 chakras.

If you have any doubts, watch the video.

trtamiento de chakras con iteracare

Step 4: Closing the Therapy

a. Bring the iTeraCare wand back to the root chakra area and make some gentle counterclockwise movements to release any unwanted energy.

b. Open your eyes slowly and drink the two glasses of water you loaded with iTeraCare at the beginning. This will help cleanse and purify your system.

7 chakras reflexion iteracare

Step 5: Reflection

a. Take a moment to reflect on the experience.

Have you felt any difference in your chakras or general well-being?

Remember that iTeraCare therapy is a powerful tool for balancing your chakras and improving your overall well-being.

Always listen to your intuition and adjust the therapy according to your needs.

What will you achieve with this iTeraCare Chakra Therapy?

With iTeraCare’s chakra cleansing and activation therapy, you can gain a number of benefits for your physical and emotional well-being. By balancing and harmonizing your chakras, you can experience the following:

  1. Increased Emotional Balance: iTeraCare therapy helps release emotional blockages in your chakras, which can bring you greater emotional balance and a sense of calm.

  2. Increased Energy: By activating your chakras, you can experience increased energy and vitality in your daily life.

  3. Improved Health: Balancing the chakras can contribute to better physical health, as energetic blockages can influence the health of the body’s organs and systems.

  4. Mental Clarity: iTeraCare therapy can help clear the mind and improve concentration and mental clarity.

  5. Greater Spiritual Connection: By balancing the chakras, you can feel a greater connection to your inner self and spiritual dimensions.

Regarding the frequency of the therapy, it is recommended to perform it regularly to maintain an optimal energetic balance. You may consider doing it once a month as part of your wellness routine. However, the exact frequency may vary depending on your personal needs and how you feel after each session. Listen to your intuition and adjust the frequency according to what you feel is best for you.

The key is to maintain a constant balance in your chakras to enjoy the long-term benefits.



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