Reembolso Devoluciones

Subject to the terms and conditions stated herein, you may apply for return of the
products purchased at our website and request for return and/or replacement subject to
validation and approval by us. We handle returns of products on a case-by-case basis with the
ultimate goal of maximize our customers’ satisfaction. Our return and replacement policy
includes a new replacement unit for all purchases made on our website.
Reference to “you” or “customer” or “customers” in this Return and Replacement
Policy are references to the buyer who has purchase our product at our website.
1.2 Reference to “we” or “us” in this Return and Replacement Policy are references to
PRIFE INTERNATIONAL SDN BHD, a company duly incorporated in Malaysia.
1.3 Reference to “website” means our e-commerce platform at
1.4 Reference to “Products” means the products you purchased at our website.
Eligibility for Return & Replacement
The customer may apply to return the Products to us in the following circumstances:
(a) The Products was faulty and/or defective (i.e. malfunction) when received by
the customer;
(b) The Products that delivered to the customer is materially different or do not
match with the specification stated in our website;
(c) On a case-by-case basis, subject to our approval.
2.2 Subject to Paragraph 2.1, the return of the Products to us must be:
(a) sent to the location designated by us;
(b) made within 21 days from the date of purchase from the website. We reserve the
right to reject the the Products if the returned is made after the said 21 days’ time
(c) in its original condition, unused with its original packaging, unless the Products are
faulty or damaged upon received by the customer;
(d) attached with proof of purchase (Delivery Order); and
The procedure for the return of the Products and replacement are as follows:
(a) firstly, please reach out to Headquarters, Branch or Stockist via Messaging App or
Email to request for return and replacement of the Products
(b) in your message or e-mail, please let us have the following:
(i) the reason of the return of the Products;
(ii) proof of purchase of the Products (Delivery Order);
(ii) picture or video of the Products showing the damages or defect (if the
Products is faulty or damaged); and
(iii) any other supporting documents to proof your claim
(c) thereafter we will revert to you within 7 working days from the date of your
message or e-mail and inform you of our findings. Please take note that we
may request for further evidence or proof to process your replacement unit.
(d) finally, we will review your request of return of the Products and replace on a
case-by-case basis and inform you via message or e-mail whether your
return and replacement request application is successful.

  1. Shipping fee
    4.1 In the scenario of an unforeseen error from us or the occurrence of the circumstances
    stated in Paragraph 2.1 herein, we undertake to bear the customer’s return shipping fee for
    the return of the Products.
    4.2 In the event there is no fault on the part of us, the customer shall bear all costs associated
    with the refusal and return of the Products.
    4.3 We will not be responsible for goods damaged or lost during the shipment and the
    customer is encourage to use an insured postal service and obtain a proof of posting.
  2. Refund
    5.1 I have been informed of the refund/cancellation policy; that there are no refunds, that all sales are
    definitive, I read the above disclaimer and wish to continue with my order by authorizing processing
    payment of my order by
  3. Restrictions
    No exchange, cancellations, or amendments are applicable after a following day where
    payment is processed and completed online if there is no fault on the part us.
    We reserves the right to refuse any cancellations or request to refund in the event of a
    suspected case to manipulate the payout of the compensation plan.
  4. Return Fraud
    7.1 We will report to the relevant authority if customers are caught engaging in return fraud
    as shoplifting or theft charges. Common type of return frauds are renting Products and
    returning after a period of time and returning stolen or counterfeit products (bought
    from unauthorised seller).
    Need Help?
    If you have any issues regarding to return or replacement of Products, you may contact
    customer service through our email