🇦🇺 iTeraCare Classic 2.0

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iTeraCare Classic 2.0 Device – 4th Generation Model

800 watts, built more affordably to allow it to go into more homes at a lower price, still just as effective but not as heavy duty, takes a little longer for treatments and shuts off after an hour of use to cool down.

3 configurations:

1- Low speed, low temperature.

2- High speed, low heat.

3- High speed, high temperature.

iTeraCare Premium

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iTeraCare Classic 2.0 devices are safe and certified appliances that use advanced technologies such as Terahertz Magnetic Wave requency, Quantum Technology and Optical Light Quartz Technology.

NEW 4th Generation Classic 2.0 Model. Improvements include:

Increased strength with bolt-on attachment.
Better wiring quality for improved performance.
Solid case with handle for added protection and portability.
4-meter swivel cable.

With 800 watts of power, this model has been designed more affordably to be accessible in more homes at a lower price, but still just as effective. It is important to note that it may take a little longer for treatments, and the device will automatically shut off after an hour of use to allow for cooling. It also has 3 settings to suit your needs.

Discover the new iTeraCare Classic 2.0 version and take advantage of all its improvements to enjoy an optimal experience in relieving ailments and caring for your well-being!


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