iTeraCare Premium International

If you are looking for the best in wellness and comfort, iTeraCare Premium is the ideal choice. This 650-watt device fuses robustness, durability and quiet operation to deliver an exceptional wellness experience.

Highlight Features:

✅ More Robust, More Durable: Designed to last, iTeraCare Premium surpasses the Classic model in robustness. Its rugged construction ensures long-lasting performance, accompanying you in your quest for wellness for a long time.

🔊 Quiet Operation: Unlike other models, iTeraCare Premium operates in an environment of serene silence. This way you can enjoy your well-being without distracting noise.

🔥 Advanced Heat Power: This device offers two speed settings with heat levels higher than Classic. This allows the Terahertz frequency to penetrate deeper into your body, providing noticeable results.

🌬️ Increased Terahertz Release: iTeraCare Premium releases 30% more Terahertz compared to the Classic model, enhancing the benefits of this advanced technology.



iTeraCare Premium International

iTeraCare Premium, launched in June 2022, is distinguished by its ergonomic design. Its compact format and light weight make it easy to handle and use. In addition, it comes with a solid protective case to ensure its safety when not in use.

Premium Prices
Custom Settings:

Choose between two settings according to your personal preferences: Low speed and low heat for relaxing sessions, or high speed and high heat for an invigorating and effective experience. iTeraCare Premium is designed to prevent overheating, ensuring your safety during every session.

The future of welfare:

Discover a new level of wellness and comfort with iTeraCare Premium. The combination of power, durability and quiet operation gives you a unique experience on your way to a healthier, more balanced life.

Exceptional Benefits:

In addition to its advanced design and versatility, iTeraCare Premium offers a number of remarkable benefits for your well-being. These include:

✅ Improved Blood Circulation: The power of iTeraCare Premium optimizes blood flow, supporting your cardiovascular health.

💪 Higher Effectiveness: Thanks to its higher heat levels, iTeraCare Premium allows for deeper penetration of the Terahertz frequency, maximizing results.

🌟 Pain Reduction: Effectively relieves muscle and joint pain, providing relief to those suffering from chronic ailments.

🧘‍♀️ General Wellness: Enjoy an overall sense of well-being and vitality while improving your quality of life.

With iTeraCare Premium, you are taking a step towards a future of unparalleled wellness!

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iTeraCare Premium International Benefits:

1. Improves Blood Circulation: Boosts blood flow, enhancing cardiovascular health and providing vitality.

2. Optimizes Cellular Function: Terahertz frequency elevates cellular efficiency, promoting optimal cellular health.

3. Pain Reduction: Relieves muscle and joint pain, providing relief to those facing chronic ailments.

4. General Well-being: Provides greater well-being, improving the quality of life and the feeling of vitality.

5. Detoxification: Purifies your body, eliminating toxins and creating a healthier internal environment.

6. Stress Reduction: Contributes to reduce stress and anxiety, promoting emotional balance.

7. Improved Sleep: Experience improvements in sleep quality after using the device.

8. Rejuvenation: Provides a rejuvenating effect to your skin, helping to reduce the signs of aging.

9. Immune Support: Strengthens your immune system, supporting the body’s defense against disease.

10. Relief of Chronic Conditions: Provides relief to people suffering from chronic diseases such as arthritis or fibromyalgia.

Remember that results may vary from person to person, and it is essential to use the device according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and under the supervision of a health professional if necessary. Your well-being is in your hands, discover what iTeraCare Premium International can do for you!

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iTeraCare is a Terahertz technology that uses Terahertz Magnetic Wave Frequency, Heat Technology and Optical Blue Light Quartz Technology to improve health and wellness.

iTeraCare devices offer a variety of benefits, including eliminating unhealthy cells, activating dormant cells, and increasing the body’s self-healing capacity.

Yes, iTeraCare offers safe and certified devices, built to high quality standards and designed to provide a safe and effective experience.

No adverse side effects associated with the proper use of iTeraCare devices have been reported.

It is easy to use, simply point and blow to the area of the body you wish to treat. No complicated programs or applications are required.

iTeraCare devices come with a one-year warranty to ensure customer satisfaction and stand behind their quality.

Yes, theiTeraCare devices are safe for use in people of all ages.

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