iTeraCare Classic 2.2 International

Experience the future of wellness with our latest innovation, iTeraCare Classic International 2.0. This 4th generation model has a power rating of 800 watts, making it more affordable and accessible to households around the world.

While maintaining its outstanding efficiency, it has been designed to be lighter and more affordable. The treatments may require a little more time than Premium and Pro, but they are just as transformative.

Main characteristics:

🌟 Affordable wellness: We’ve reimagined affordability, making iTeraCare accessible to more households without compromising its effectiveness. Now, you can enjoy its benefits.

🕒 Extended use: iTeraCare Classic 2.0 runs for about 40 full minutes before pausing briefly to cool down. This means longer sessions and greater comfort for your wellness routine.

⚙️ Custom Settings: Tailor your experience with three different settings:

1. Low speed, low heat: Ideal for gentle and prolonged sessions.
2. High speed, low heat: Get the best of both worlds: power and comfort.
3. High speed, high heat: Experience an intense and invigorating session for fast results.



iTeraCare Classic International 2.0 devices

At the heart of the iTeraCare family, we present the new iTeraCare Classic International 2.0. These safe and certified devices incorporate advanced technologies to take your wellness experience to the next level.

iTeraCare Classic Pricing

Our innovative combination of Terahertz Magnetic Wave Frequency, Quantum Technology and Quartz Optical Light Technology offers you a complete solution for your wellness.
With the iTeraCare Classic 2.0, you will enjoy terahertz penetration of up to 18 cm, reaching deep into the tissues of your body.

This is the 4th Generation Classic 2.0 Model, with notable improvements:

🔩 Greater Resistance: Its robust structure and bolted fasteners guarantee exceptional durability.

🔌 Enhanced Cabling: We’ve perfected the quality of cabling for superior performance and a seamless experience.

📦 Solid Design with Handle: Its solid case and handle provide extra protection and ease of portability, so you can take your iTeraCare wherever you need it.

💯 Longer Range: The 4-meter swivel cable gives you freedom of movement.

This model, with a power output of 800 watts, has been designed in a more accessible way to make it affordable in more homes, without compromising its efficiency.

It is important to note that treatments may take a little longer, and the device automatically shuts off after about 40 minutes of use to allow for cooling.

Discover the iTeraCare Classic 2.0 and take advantage of all its improvements to enjoy an optimal experience in improving ailments and taking care of your well-being!

Plus, with this device, you can even revitalize your water, experiencing the hydrating and rejuvenating benefits of structured water.

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  1. Improves Blood Circulation: Helps increase blood flow, which may contribute to better cardiovascular health.
  2. Optimizes Cell Function: Terahertz frequency improves cell functionality, promoting optimal cell health.
  3. Pain Reduction: May relieve pain in muscles and joints, providing relief to those suffering from chronic ailments.
  4. General Well-being: Contributes to greater general well-being by improving the quality of life and sense of vitality.
  5. Detoxification: Helps eliminate toxins from the body, promoting a healthier internal environment.
  6. Stress Reduction: It can contribute to reduce stress and anxiety, improving emotional balance.
  7. Improved Sleep: Some people experience improvements in sleep quality after using the iTeraCare Classic.
  8. Rejuvenation: Contributes to skin rejuvenation and can help reduce the signs of aging.
  9. Immune Support: It can strengthen the immune system, helping the body to defend itself against diseases.
  10. Relief of Chronic Conditions: May provide relief for people suffering from chronic diseases such as arthritis or fibromyalgia.

Remember that results may vary from person to person, and it is important to use the device according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and under the supervision of a healthcare professional if necessary.


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iTeraCare Classic 2.2 International iTeraCare Classic 2.2 International
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Q & A

I have already purchased. Is it necessary to use the attachment at all times? Is the effectiveness of the device reduced by not using the attachment for elongation? Thanks. Wilma FIELDS asked on 11/04/2024

Yes, the Classic device has two pieces that must be joined together whenever we are going to use it.

iTeraCare Life answered on 12/04/2024 store manager
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iTeraCare Classic 2.2 International iTeraCare Classic 2.2 International
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iTeraCare is a Terahertz technology that uses Terahertz Magnetic Wave Frequency, Heat Technology and Optical Blue Light Quartz Technology to improve health and wellness.

iTeraCare devices offer a variety of benefits, including eliminating unhealthy cells, activating dormant cells, and increasing the body’s self-healing capacity.

Yes, iTeraCare offers safe and certified devices, built to high quality standards and designed to provide a safe and effective experience.

No adverse side effects associated with the proper use of iTeraCare devices have been reported.

It is easy to use, simply point and blow to the area of the body you wish to treat. No complicated programs or applications are required.

iTeraCare devices come with a one-year warranty to ensure customer satisfaction and stand behind their quality.

Yes, theiTeraCare devices are safe for use in people of all ages.

Delivery in Australia within 5-7 days.

Delivery in Latin America within 5-10 business days.

Delivery in Canada within 5-7 business days.

Delivery in EU countries within 5-7 days.

Lieferung in Indien innerhalb von 3-4 Tagen.

Delivery in New Zealand within 7-10 business days.

UK delivery within 2-7 business days.

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Delivery in America within 5-7 business days.

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