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Prife International founders and executive committee

Fulfilling dreams with Prife

At Prife International, the Board of Directors (BOD) stands out as a collective of exceptional entrepreneurs and outstanding network leaders in this fiercely competitive industry. As trendsetters, we pride ourselves on revolutionizing the healthcare sector through innovative concepts and empowering products that redefine industry standards.

Our mission is resolutely focused on guiding our members and leaders around the world toward achieving ultimate health, incredible inner and outer beauty, and creating new masters of wealth. With a crystal clear vision, the BOD is dedicated to enriching the community and empowering people to reach the fullness of their lives without fear, standing tall with pride and honor, proclaiming with pride:

Dr. Steven Lai (DBA) Prife International iTeracare

Dr. Steven Lai (DBA)

Founder of the company and Chairman of the Group

With over 37 years of unparalleled experience in the dynamic field of network marketing, Dr. Steven Lai stands out as a luminous figure known for his exceptional knowledge of direct selling. Internationally acclaimed as a networking visionary and strategic powerhouse within the direct selling industry, he is the pioneering mind behind the revolutionary “K-System” educational platform. This innovative system has not only trained countless exceptional leaders in the field of network marketing, but also won the prestigious Asia-Pacific Top 10 Most Efficient & Effective Network System Award in 2006.

With worldwide recognition, “System K” also won the prestigious award for the 10 “Most Outstanding System Leaders” in the Asia-Pacific region, awarded by the World Fortune Forum in 2005. At the helm of a renowned network marketing empire, Dr. Lai was CEO and led the company to generate billions in annual revenue.

Al frente de un renombrado imperio de marketing en red, el Dr. Lai fue Consejero Delegado y llevó a la empresa a generar miles de millones en ingresos anuales. His commitment to continuous growth and excellence was duly recognized in 2018, when the International Humanitarian Welfare University conferred upon him an Honorary Doctorate of Business Administration.

The resounding success and gradual expansion of Prife International under Dr. Lai’s astute leadership attests to his distinctive style and profound professional acumen, cementing his legacy as an icon in the field of network marketing.

Dr. Jimmy Chong (DBA)

Co-founder of the company and Vice President of the Group

Dr. Jimmy Chong (DBA) Prife International iTeraCare
Mr. A C Goh Prife International iTeraCare

Mr. A C Goh

Chairman of the Group

With more than 35 years of experience in the direct sales sector, Mr. Goh is a beacon of knowledge, especially in marketing and management. He began his professional career as a door-to-door salesman at the early age of 20, and quickly rose to remarkable heights. His pioneering company was one of the first to obtain direct sales licenses from the Malaysian government, marking an important milestone in the industry in 1993.

At the helm of Prife International as Group President, Mr. Goh’s commitment to direct selling remains steadfast and unwavering. His unwavering commitment to this sector is testament to his singular focus and deep-rooted passion. Avoiding detour into other industries or investment avenues, he has dedicated his entire career exclusively to the growth and advancement of direct selling.

The global mission of Sr. Goh is focused on fostering a global sanctuary for direct sellers, promoting stability, sustainability and a high-quality lifestyle. His vision transcends borders as he strives to create an enabling environment that allows people in the industry to thrive, embodying his unwavering commitment to elevate the direct selling landscape to new heights.

Mr. Kacy Tan

Group Chief Executive Officer

Kacy Tan, the esteemed CEO of Prife International Group, has a distinguished career of over 27 illustrious years in network marketing. Recognized for his pioneering initiatives and unwavering pursuit of excellence, he is a visionary leader who has taken the company and his team to the zenith of the market, securing a definitive competitive advantage.

Bolstered by exceptional leadership acumen and a wealth of management experience, Mr. Tan has garnered a plethora of accolades throughout his illustrious career in the direct selling industry. His notable achievements include the Silver Award for Excellence at the esteemed 7th Global Selling Forum’s China Asia-Pacific Direct Selling Conference, being acclaimed as Outstanding Distributor in the Asia-Pacific Region with a Gold Reputation, and achieving the distinction of becoming the youngest distributor to achieve the highest rank in a leading network marketing company in Malaysia. In addition, in recognition of his exceptional management skills, he was recently awarded the prestigious Outstanding International Management Skills award for 2021 by the prestigious Malaysia Top 100 Talent Awards.

A staunch advocate of the transformative power of teamwork, Mr. Tan is deeply rooted in inspiration and motivational fervor. By tapping into the latent potential of its team members, it encourages them to embark on transformative journeys towards professional advancement, affirming its unwavering commitment to fostering a culture of growth, collaboration and collective success at Prife International.

Mr. Kacy Tan Prife International iTeraCare

Prife International has a world-class i-Elite Coaching and Mentoring system that has proven to be transformational, turning ordinary individuals into extraordinary and successful networkers. Desde nuestra creación el 28 de septiembre de 2021, hemos ampliado rápidamente nuestra presencia en más de 70 países y regiones, incluidos Estados Unidos, América Latina, Europa, África, Sudeste Asiático, India, Oriente Medio, Australia y Nueva Zelanda.

Our esteemed Board of Directors consists of Dr. Steven Lai, founder of the Company and Chairman of the Group, Dr. Jimmy Chong, co-founder of the Company and Vice-Chairman of the Group, Mr. A. C. Goh, Chairman of the Group, and Mr. Kacy Tan, Group Chief Executive Officer. Together, they possess the expertise to empower the young, uplift the middle-aged and enrich the old, fostering a united front where we walk hand in hand, heart to heart and spirit to spirit as one big global Prife family.

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