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Experimento de laboratorio agua cargada de iTeraCare

iTeraCare charged water laboratory experiment

On December 20, 2023, a significant experiment was conducted at Gasted Medical Center, led by CEO Dr. Will Quu Sapon and his team of laboratory technicians. This experiment focused on analyzing the effect of iTeraCare loaded water and 7 Wonders water on food samples to better understand the value and impact of these waters on food and ultimately the human diet.

Cutting-edge experiments: The impact of iTeraCare loaded water and 7 Wonders water on food.

Cutting-edge experiments: The Experimental Processimpact of iTeraCare loaded water and 7 Wonders water on food.

With the appropriate personal protective equipment, the laboratory technicians proceeded to place different types of water, including tap water, mineral water, distilled water, purified water with good and bad words and intent manifestation in sample containers. These containers contained cut apples, raw rice and cooked rice.

The iTeraCare charged water and 7 Wonders water represented two of the most notable types of water used. The 7 Wonders water is a purified water brand that has been revitalized with a bottle produced by PR International, while the iTeraCare charged water has been charged by the iTeraCare device, also produced by PR International.

By placing the food samples in sterilized containers and adding the different types of water to each container, a controlled and discriminated experiment was created. The properly sealed containers were stored in a dry place for one month to observe the changes that these foods would undergo under the different aqueous conditions.

Results of the iTeraCare water experiment

After one month of constant observation, the containers were uncovered and the changes in the food samples were analyzed.

Samples immersed in water purified with different intentions and words demonstrated the potential potency of the mind, with samples immersed in water marked with positive words showing apparently higher standards of nutritional quality than their negative counterparts.

On the other hand, apples and rice immersed in tap water and mineral water seemed to have spoiled. This could suggest that the lack of electrolyte balance and mineral shortages in these forms of water have an adverse effect on food quality.


In contrast, foods immersed in 7 Wonders water and iTeraCare-loaded water exhibited distinctive frames compared to the other sample groups. The benefits of these treated waters will remain subject to further experiments and observations to validate these initial results.

Gasted Medical Center’s experiment with iTeraCare-loaded water and 7 Wonders water is a step toward understanding the influence of water on food quality. Through more thorough and conclusive research, a revolutionary method of improving dietetics and nutrition may emerge.

A vision of a healthier future

Thanks to Yang Wen Jun’s advances and dedication, terahertz technology has become increasingly accessible and accepted. Through products such as iTeraCare devices, this innovative scientist has enabled more and more people to take advantage of the extraordinary benefits of this health-enhancing technology.

With his continuing vision of a healthier and more prosperous future, Yang Wen Jun remains at the forefront of this exciting field, leading the way to a new era of health and wellness.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Yang Wen Jun

Who is Yang Wen Jun?

Yang Wen Jun is a biomedical scientist who invented the first terahertz lightwave device in 2014.

The first terahertz lightwave device had a cost of $412,000 in 2014.

Terahertz devices have evolved significantly, both in technology and cost, since their first invention. In 2017, the second terahertz device was launched at a price of $2,750. Currently, the iTera-Classic 2.2, iTera-Premium Plus, iTera-Premium and iTera-Pro devices are available.

The terahertz devices have been clinically tested in collaboration with the Beijing Institute of Technology, where 62 clinical reports were conducted between 2014 and 2017.

Terahertz technology is used in devices that promote health and wellness by improving cellular health and internal balance.

Note: It is important to remember that the information provided in this article is of a general nature only and does not replace professional medical advice. Always consult a dermatologist or healthcare professional before performing any acne treatment.

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